Ears, nose or throat problems? Call us.

Your ears, nose and throat diseases will be solved. We are ENT (otolaryngology) doctors. If you are on holidays in Granada and unfortunately have problems with your ears, nose or throat, we can help you. 

Our otolaryngology team leaded by Dr. Garcia-Valdecasas, Dra. Mata and Dr. Santaella offer a complete evaluation and treatment for any ear, nose o throat disease. Three well-known ENT doctors working as a team to better manage your disease. 

Modern otolaryngology

The actual knowledge of the ears, nose, throat and neck diseases has undergone enormous progress in recent years, thanks to the improvement of microscopic, endoscopic, audiologic and balance examination techniques. This boom is a tremendous demand for professionals who must adapt to new technologies, develop their skills and handle new surgical techniques.

Ears, nose and throat diseases.

Whether you suffer otitis, nose bleeding, sinusitis, rhinitis, hoarseness, throat pain, dizziness, sudden hearing loss… or other problems related to ears, nose or throat, contact our otolaryngology team.

Our team: Dr. García-Valdecasas, Dra. Mata and Dr. Santaella.

Our Otorhinolaryngology team in Granada faces these demands with the maximum guarantees, adding the 3 specific professional profiles to deal with all diseases of the ears, nose and throat with the greatest success. Three different personalities, who form a true team, with a clear vocation: provide their best to solve your health problems.

At the Clinica SENT.

And to better address some health problems, we keep in contact with the best health professionals: doctors (radiologists, pathologists, neurologists, neurophysiologists, neurosurgeons, maxillofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons), speech therapists, psychologists, hearing care professionals and engineers. 

These alliances seek to obtain the best results on the well-being of the patient. For this reason, the Otorhinolaryngology team in Granada works at the Clinica SENT. The Clinica SENT offers us the best facilities, a dynamic and efficient multidisciplinary team and the best platform to share our obligations with patients.

Focused on each patient. 

But we know that technique and knowledge are not, by themselves, the key to success in health. The relationship we establish with each of our patients is  based on true communication, closeness, affection and justice. These are the essentials to achieve the success.

The communication, our knowledge, our skills and the technical equipment lead us to achieve the international standards. 

Just phone, send an email or WhatsApp, get your appointment in the same day and continue your holidays. 

We will provide the clinical report, the prescriptions for the pharmacy and the invoice for your insurance company.